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Redefining the food
delivery experience

Dubba aggregates orders from the same location, enabling massive savings and free delivery through efficient fulfillment and logistics


Dubba (pronounced dub-bah) is the hindi word for a parcel of food delivered to you, just as you like it and when you want it. Inspired by India's lunchtime meal delivery system, Dubba is reinventing the food delivery experience to be more sustainable and affordable.

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How it works
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How our ordering system works

What you do

What we do

  • Enter your location, select a Dubba pickup point, and choose your preferred delivery time from the available options

  • Pick an available restaurant, order your items, and checkout - it's that simple

  • We'll handle the rest! All that's left is to pick up your food at the delivery time and location

  • Dubba collects orders from multiple people requesting delivery to the same location at the same time

  • We aggregate these orders and submit them to our partner restaurants in advance

  • Our efficient fulfillment ensures that your food gets to you on time, every time



You asked, we answered

Click here to learn more about how Dubba works, how to get started with your first order, how to request a new location, and more! 

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Avocado Egg Sandwich

food delivery

Food delivery today is unsustainable and expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Dubba is able to fulfil a large volume of orders at one location and time in a single delivery, making the process affordable and sustainable.

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